ThisIsTheSoundOfMyHeartBreaking (xilostallx) wrote,


I agree that a lot of the time I do stupid shit. But Kelly is currently ridiculously angry with me, for telling my friend Derek's roommate (who I orchestrated the hookup with) that Kelly's favorite color was blue growing up (which it fucking was; my favorite color used to be blue and then Kelly, being the youngest, copied everything I did...even her bedroom at my mother's house was blue...Kelly's choice. She was trying to tell the boy that her favorite color was green, coincidentally the color of the hoodie that the boy was wearing).

I've been having a damn rough time, so I smoked one from the last pack of cloves that Kelly and I bought together, and Kelly told him (in front of me) that I shouldn't be doing that and she doesn't like it. I was like, whatever, you bought them with me!

So, she's angry at me for telling the fucking truth?!?! What the fuck is the point in lying to people?!?! How do I manage to immerse myself into so much drama?!?!? I'm going to become a hermit, and only talk with Joe Gruber, Cuong Truong, and Ben (who I recently broke up with, but is still the best dude. :/).

Hey Michelle, you're probably the only person who still reads this. <3
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