ThisIsTheSoundOfMyHeartBreaking (xilostallx) wrote,


Some days I'm okay, and I can sort-of function. And other days, I'm not okay...I feel horrifically depressed, and I have difficulty functioning on any level. Today is one of the second. I don't even know what to do with myself: should I try to be more considerate and show him how much I care for him, should I ignore him altogether, should I try to be his friend. He wants "space." I didn't speak with him at all yesterday, and I won't today. [Kelly and I were invited over to Derek & Erik's house for margaritas and Where the Wild Things Are]. It is going to be exceedingly difficult to manage tomorrow, when I know he is right over in Bensalem cooking for his brother...

Right now I'm watching Better Off Dead, and I completely identify with Lane. I'm ready to jump off an overpass, hang myself with an extension cord...

I tried to do what Joe suggested, and box up everything that reminds me of Ben. Unfortunately, that would be just about everything.

I have to look up co-ops, I have to do a PHIL315 paper (rough draft due Tuesday), I have to study for a MEM435 quiz, I have tons of MEM435 labs that are still due, I have CIVE320 homework that I haven't completed for the past two weeks. Ughhhh.
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